Legal notes

Legal Notes

Users logging on to the pages of the website,,, accept the following navigation conditions and assume all responsibility connected to using the website. These Conditions of Use represent a contract between the user, on the one hand, and Rummo Lenta Lavorazione S.p.A. on the other (hereinafter "Rummo").
The user, by accessing and surfing any of the listed websites, declares to have read, understood and accepted the following conditions of use and to abide by all the relative Italian laws and regulations in force..

Use of the websites and exemptions from liability

Rummo takes no responsibility in relation to:

  • content published on this website and the use made by third parties
  • any contamination caused by accessing, connecting to or downloading material and IT programmes
  • damages, loss, any kind of harm that third parties may suffer because of contact with this site, or following use of anything published on the site or for software used

Information contained in the section "Your Recipes" and "My Slow Recipes" created directly by users is published at the responsibility of the user.

Data received
Any information coming from third party sources to the site may be used by the company Rummo at its own discretion. Rummo shall include in the site correct and current information, but cannot guarantee it is complete or accurate.

Links (hypertext links)
Rummo is not responsible for the content published or any damages caused by accessing or downloading content of websites whose links may be present on the Rummo site.

Copyright The content of the pages of the Rummo website listed in the opening part of the document (logos, trademarks, images and photos, graphics, sounds and texts) are the property of the company Rummo Lenta Lavorazione S.p.A and it is forbidden to reproduce them according to Italian and international law under intellectual property. The website may contain content (logos, trademarks, images and photos, graphics, sounds and texts) licensed to and/or covered by third party's copyright.i