What does lenta lavorazione mean?

Philosophy of Taste

We think that pasta is the culture of our country. So we respect that very Italian pleasure of eating well, the well-known regional traditions and the lesser-known local delicacies. With Lenta Lavorazione®, an exclusive method which produces a peerless pasta, we want to tell the story of a voyage of rediscovery of the time of the artisan, epitomised by attention to detail.

Taking Care of Time

"It was 1846 and machines were taking over the world. Their incessant humming seemed to say: "Faster, faster, even faster..." and the Rummo family wondered whether to pay more attention to the world of nature or that of man. "What is better for our pasta, the speed of man or the slowness of nature?" Nature herself suggested the answer: "Everything on earth happens in its own time, you need to listen, the pasta shall tell you how much time it needs…”

The Lenta Lavorazione method comes directly from the traditional and artisan way of making pasta. Careful research into the best ingredients, handled with care and without hurrying, respecting their needs and characteristics and following the rhythm of nature.

In Search of the Best Ingredients for 160 Years

The day the Rummo family decided to make a great pasta, the head of the family consulted his watch and said:
"This is the moment - and it always will be - to find the best wheat in the world".
And so, without further ado, they set out with their three horses Bruto, Baiardo and Bello.
Once over the bridge by the mill, they headed for the Sannio valley…

From that moment, we have selected only the best durum wheat that nature has to offer, the only ones able to ensure our pasta has the right protein content.